! Important notice !

◉ taking into account the safety is by expanding situation of the new coronavirus infection, there are times when you want to change the whole performance to online distribution. Thank you kindly look forward for your understanding

◉ Also, when performing, we plan to significantly reduce the number of seats compared to the usual year to prevent infectious diseases. Please note that

Latest performance information

Последняя информация о спектакле

The whole stage is in Russian (with Japanese subtitles)

In July, a newcomer performance will be performed by the members who joined the group that year, and in December, all members will perform the main performance.

Вся сцена на русском языке (ся понскими субтитрами)

В июле появится выступление нового участника, присое динившимися в этом году,

а в декабре это выступл е ние будут выполнять все участники.

第51回 ロシア語劇団コンツェルト本公演

"walking Dead"

Original: Leo Tolstoy "The Living Corpse"

(Translated by Masao Yonekawa Iwanami Bunko)

Director: Mizuhime Sato

Artistic Director: Kei Kuroda



12/25 (Friday) 15: 00-

12/26 (Sat) 15: 00-

12/27 (Sun) 13: 00- * There will be a stage greeting after the performance




Feja Miwa AkiraTaro
Karenin Ryuki Sano Lisa Nakamura Ivan Lario Anna Pavlovna Hayashi Amane Sasha Hirai Yo Anna Dmitry Evna Suzuki Mika Abraeskov Duke Tokunaga Yuta Masha Ohara Chiho Ivan Petrovich Naito Soujou Petushikofu Hasegawa Yunosuke



Director assistant

Stage art / props




Stage director


徳永侑太 小副川将剛


三浦仁那 小原千歩
長谷川朝香 林天音

德田かなめ 田村桃子
折井桜子 佐野龍騎

中村一二三 山田有羽子
山田有羽子 長谷川朝香
伊藤優花 青木優太

[Request to Customers]

* Since all seats are reserved, the number of tickets sold is limited.

* When making a reservation, we will ask for your emergency contact information. Please note.

* Please cooperate in wearing a mask, measuring the temperature in advance, and disinfecting your fingers when you visit.

* Please refrain from inserting flowers and sweets.

* Face shields will be distributed by the second row in the front row. If you would like a face shield in the subsequent rows, please bring it with you.

* Admission is not permitted for those who are in poor physical condition or who have a fever of 37.5 ° C or higher. Please note.

There is no cancellation fee on the day. Please feel free to contact us.

* The performance may be canceled on the day of the event depending on the future government policy. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

[Admission fee]

Common to all seats: 550 yen

The theater company is made up of donations from customers every year, but this year the performance will be significantly reduced in number of seats due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection. Therefore, we will set an admission fee only this year. We appreciate your understanding.

[Venue / Access]

Venue: Waseda Scott Hall Gallery in Waseda Service Park

A 5-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Tozai Line Waseda Station